Friday, 4 April 2014

The Weeks Most Loved #11

Last week was a terrible week. The whole household got struck by gastroenteritis, it wasn't pleasant at all, thank the lord my toilet and sink are next to each other, that's all I'm saying! I had so many new products I wanted to try out but being bed bound that didn't happen until this week and most of them I've really enjoyed.

The first thing I've been loving is The Body Shops Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. I cant get over how creamy this cleanser is it feels amazing on the face. It feels really hydrating and doesn't leave your face feeling tight and dry. This is only £12 which I cannot believe too, I'd pay double for this stuff!
Another skincare product I've been loving is the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Polish, I use to use this all the time but after my 3rd bottle I decided to try something else. A couple of months ago I was sent it again and fell in love all over again. Its creamy texture feels so soft on the skin and breaks down make up like no other, a few rubs and my mascara is gone. I've noticed this is a bloggers favourite and I can really see why.

The brush I've been loving this week is the Pro Small Flat Top from Ebay, for just 99p! I wasn't expecting much but I've really loved using this for blending out concealer. The hairs are dense yet soft enough to blend make up well. This blends my concealer so quickly that I would be willing to pay alot more for this brush.
Recently I've seen alot of beauty bloggers rave about the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder so as I do I had to go and test it for myself. It's no secret that I love highlighters and have a fair few in my collection but this one beats so many that I already own. It's not glittery or too shiny it just adds a gorgeous glow to the face. For £3 I'd defo pick one up.

Now my last favourite is my favourite favourite haha, the Naked 3 Palette, yes, I finally caved in! Around the time of the launch I held back because I decided to get the Nars Narsissist Palette instead and also I didn't think the pink tones would suit me at all. I was at my local Debenhams which doesn't stock Urban Decay but someone had brought it back so I had a little look and fell in love so I went home and ordered one. I think this is worth every pound of the £37 I spent on it because there is nothing else like it. Seriously girls, if you haven't already got this, go and get it now!

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What have you been loving this week?

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