Friday, 20 December 2013

Winter Skin

This week the cold weather had took a toll on my skin. My skin was on another level of dryness, not attractive at all. Creating the perfect canvas with foundation and powder became a struggle and the tightness of my skin had really started to irritate me. So last night whilst I had a couple of hours to my self I decided to take matters seriously and try and rescue my once hydrated face.
I started off with using Tea Tree Nose Strips just because I get alot of blackheads on my nose when my skin goes crazy. It's amazing what comes off your nose when you've peeled these off! I then used my all time favourite mask, Origins Clear Improvement, I've gone on about it enough before, so I wont go on even more! Whilst it was drying I got into the shower for all my pores to open up and get all the goodness of the mask. Once I had washed it off I used the Biore Warming Anti Blackhead Cleanser, I love this stuff, it feels amazing whilst it warms on the skin, I've seen they also do a heating mask so that's been added on my wishlist. When it was time to get ready for bed I done my normal skin routine but added in 2 pumps of the Clarins Double Serum and a thick layer of Sudocrem to sink in during the night.
When I woke up this morning, my skin felt a dream, so smooth, soft and hydrated. Applying my foundation and powder was a success. Goodbye horrible dry skin, hello beautiful complexion.

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