Monday, 1 September 2014

Updated MAC Lipstick Collection

It wasn't until writing this post I realised how many MAC lipsticks I actually owned! If you remember, on my last MAC collection post I had "Please Me" well, a few weekends ago my daughter thought it needed a wash and well, no more "Please Me". Sad times. Not to worry though it wasn't my favourite shade and as you can see I have a few more to chose from. 

Snob - Satin - One of my top favourite MAC lipsticks, I rave about this all the time. Every time I put this on it looks different, I describe this shade the same every time, it's not pink, it's not purple, it's not a nude yet it's not bright. Such an unique gorgeous shade, I highly recommend it.

Full Speed - Frosted Sheen Supreme - This was my first ever MAC purchase and I hardly ever wear it I'm not sure why because when I do I full in love with it again. Looking at Google swatches it looks pink but on me it's a deep corally pink slighly red colour. I prefer this dabbed on the lips and find this lasts for ages.

Creme D'Nude - Cremesheen - This is my go to MAC nude when I'm looking a bit pale due to it's pink undertone it doesn't make me look dead. Nothing looks worse than a nude that looks dry but because it's a cremesheen formula it goes on creamy with a sutile shine.

Flamingo - Lustre -  This was a re-released shade and once I saw it, I knew I needed to get it.  A gorgeous pink with coral that isn't too bright because of it's finish. This is perfect when you want colour but nothing too much in your face.

Fleshpot - Satin - Although this says this is a satin I'd say it's more on the matte side. A gorgeous pale nude that seems to work on my pale skin again because of the pink undertones. The lips need balm before applying this but if you get it right it can look amazing. I love this on it's own or paired with a pale pink lipgloss such as Nars Turkish Delight.

Brave - Satin - After all the Kylie Jenner lip hype I was after a browny mauve and after looking at swatches for a good couple of hours I opted for Brave. I find this shade quite pretty yet mature. One for everyones collection I think.

Creme Cup - Cremesheen - This has always been a favourite of mine, I use to rave about it alot but then kind of forgot about it until recently. Creme Cup is a lovely pink nude that is very feminine. This colour is very simalar to "Angel" a favourite of Kim K!

Saint Germain - Amplified - Saint Germain is a love hate shade which is the reason why I bought it. When it arrived it looked super bright that it went in the back of the drawer. A few months later I decided to try it again and fell in love. I find patting this in works best for me as it takes away alot of the neon in it. A typical Barbie shade that is wearable.

Lovelorn - Lustre - This is my newest MAC lipstick which I've been wearing non-stop for the past week and a half. Lovelorn is a shade I had always heard about but it never excited me until I saw someone wearing it in a blog post. Lovelorn is a medium pink with cool undertones. I would say it's a baby pink with a bit more brightness to it, definitely one to check out.

Chatterbox - Amplified - This is a shade I never wear. I was so excited when I got it due to the swatches on Google but on my lips it's a dark pink that is very boring and not me. I should really give it another go so I'll let you know how I get on.

Viva Glam Nicki 1 - Amplified - This is another shade that I don't often wear. Viva Glam Nicki is a hot pink that is quite neon. I find this too bright for everyday use but perfect for a night out.

Rebel - Satin - Rebel is my go to Autumn/Winter shade hands down. This is a deep fushia berry shade that I think would suit all skin tones. I put off buying this for so long but I'm so glad that I finally got it.

Hue - Glaze - This is a shade that I have a love hate relationship with. I love the colour but the finish really isn't for me. It makes my lips look really dry and flaky plus I'm not a fan of sheer nudes which this looks like on. I also find this looks very uneven on my lips. This is such a famous cult favourite shade and I wish it would work for me but unfortunately it doesn't.

Sweet Experience - Amplified - It's not often I get excited over MAC collections but "Playland" was right up my street. Sweet Experience is a bright pink with a cream finish that just makes it so different to anything else I own. Sadly this was limited edition but let's hope it makes another appearance in the future.

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