Monday, 6 October 2014

The Product That Messed Up My Skin

A couple of weeks ago I was in my local Superdrug picking up a few of the new Barry M Gellys and as you do you start browsing all the aisles... I ended up at the skincare aisle and picked up the Clean And Clear Advantage Fast Action Daily Wash after suffering from a few break outs.
After the first use I wasn't too sure, my skin started to feel rather dry straight after using it so I needed a good serum before I went to sleep. In the morning I was shocked at how much my spots had gone down. I used it again that night and by the morning my spots had reduced again. But on the third night that's when things went horrifically wrong.
 As soon as I put it on my skin I felt a burning sensation that made me wash it off in an instant, I continued my skincare as usual and didn't think about it again until the morning. When I woke up in bed I couldn't help but notice how tight and dry my skin felt, the opposite of how my skin usually feels. When I touched my skin it felt as if I had sunburn, dry and scaly. I ran to the mirror (literally) but luckily it didn't show. Now 9 days later my skin is exactly the same, dry, sensitive and feels like I have millions of wrinkles all over. I honestly feel like I have crocodile skin. I ended up looking up reviews to see if others had the same problem and I couldn't  find one review that raves about this product. 

Have you tried this daily wash? Did you have the same reaction as me?

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