Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My Favourite MAC Products

Looking through my make up collection the other day I realised that the brand that kept popping up was MAC. Whenever I'm looking for a certain product MAC is usually where I find myself first. When branching out to more higher end brands MAC is a good stepping stone, not too expensive but not cheap plus, the colour range is incredible! So here are my top 10 Mac products. 

1. Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural - Having combination skin is one of my struggles in life, trying to find the perfect balance between hydrating and mattifying my skin can be an issue but since finding this powder, life has changed! I've mentioned the Mineralize Skin Finish plenty of times before so I wont babble on but the finish of this is just damn right beautiful! It leaves your make up looking not too matte so you wont be left with a cakey flat face yet controls the oil all day. Holy grail right there.

2. Pink Freeze Eyeshadow - I was on the hunt for an Icy coloured eyeshadow with an iridescent pink sheen to it. I googled for swatches of this shade and fell in love yet on Macs website it's described as a "bright pink". I took a chance and decided to purchase this anyway. Luckily when it arrived it was exactly what I was looking for. I find this such an unique shade and love it for everyday use.

3. Florabundance Lipglass - Lip glasses are usually the least hyped about product due to the stickiness to them but personally I quite enjoy it. Florabundance is a gorgeous peachy pink that looks lovely alone or paired with a nude lipstick

4. Pure Zen Lipstick - Pure Zen is a new one to my collection that I have wanted for ages and already has made it's way in to my handbag for on the go. I find this shade so easy to pop on during the day, no mirror is required. A lovely light pink that will go with any make up look.

5. Lovelorn - Oh look another lipstick, oops! Lovelorn reminds me slightly of Snob as in it's not bright yet not nude, I love this when my make up is looking a bit dull, it just adds that something special. Being a cremesheen formula this also adds moisture to the lips, bonus!

6. So Sweet, So Easy Blush - I've never been into cream blush, the whole concept of cream on top of powder kind of scared me but I thought I'd give it a go and to my surprise I actually loved it. So Sweet So Easy is a bright pink that gives a beautiful natural flushed look. Since trying this blush I've been converted, I love how dewy cream blush looks compared to a powder.

7. 217 Blending Brush - Possibly the most famous brush ever, everyone talks about it! When you hear people say that this brush does the blending for you, they're correct. Holy grail brush, so much so, I have 3!

8. Pro Longwear Concealer - Trying to find a full coverage concealer that I could highlight with was proving to be nearly impossible until someone recommended this to me. I got the shade NC15 which is the lightest and let me tell you, this stuff is amazing! With it being high coverage I thought it would be thick in texture and crease during the day but in fact it does the opposite with it's thin consistency it looks freshly applied all day.

9. Mineralize Skin Finish Lightscapade - Finding a highlighter that suits my skintone is pretty hard, I find that golden champagne tones look really odd on me and the light silver colours look much better. Most people love Soft And Gentle and although I do, Lightscapade is such a better match for me. I'm not a fan of glittery or high shimmer highlighters either but this one sits somewhere just perfect between a shimmer and a glow.

10. Nylon Eyeshadow - Another go to eyeshadow is Nylon, a pale icy shimmer shade that looks gorgeous with loads of mascara. I find this shade really opens my eyes and makes them look alot bigger than they are. This also works perfectly as an inner corner highlight. 

What are your favourite Mac products?

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