Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Essie Figi Dupe

There's nothing I love more than a dupe, I'm sure you can agree.
I love pastels. Pastel make up, pastel clothes, pastel everything so I was super excited to see the Barry M Gelly Spring collection. All the shades are gorgeous but the one that caught my eye was "Hip Rose", a pale pink that's almost white.

When I got round to putting this on my nails I couldn't help but notice I had a shade quite like it, so after searching through my collection I discovered what it was. Essie's Figi is a tad more whiter than Rose Hip but it's barely noticeable. I personally prefer the Barry M to the Essie shade. I find that Rose Hip is more easier to wear and helps erase the whole tipex look. I also prefer the formula, 2 coats is all that is needed with the Barry M shade where as the Essie one needed at least 3. The longevity of the Barry M Gellys is better than Essies too. So it's a winner! If you want Figi but don't want to pay the price defiantly get the Barry M one instead.

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