Monday, 28 April 2014

Top 5 Spring Lip Products

Looking through my make up collection it's quite shocking how many lip products I have so choosing just 5 products for spring was difficult. I based this on my most reached for products that would work for the spring season so here we go!

1. Mac Snob - This is a lipstick that I haven't been able to put down lately it's one of those colours that look different each time I look at it, sometimes it looks more pink and then other times it looks more of a pinky purple. This shade isn't bang in your face yet it isn't a muted shade either.

2. YSL Rouge Volupte Lingerie Pink - One of my all time favourite lipsticks! This is a gorgeous baby pink colour that is very hydrating it feels more of a balm on the lips. I think every girl needs a baby pink lipstick in their collection and this would be the one I recommend!

3. Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss in Love - Of course a gloss is needed but this gloss is like no other. It's a gorgeous pink shade that gives a sheer tint of colour on the lips. Big plump lips is what we all crave and this lipgloss achieves that without the horrible tingling feeling. 

4. Mac Saint Germain - Probably the most gorgeous lipstick I've ever seen. Saint Germain is what I would call true barbie pink but a wearable barbie pink. This is amazing for nights out yet when dabbed lightly on the lips looks perfect for everyday. 

5. Urban Decay Revolution in Native - My nude choice would be this, it's so creamy yet stays on the lips for ages. It has pink undertones so it doesn't make you look dead and is perfect for spring. 

What are your spring lip product choices?

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