Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Rimmel Kate Rockin' Curves Mascara

Browsing through the make up aisle last week in my local Boots I noticed the new Kate Moss Collection for Rimmel, nothing really stood out to me except the mascara. What caught my attention was the wand, starting off really thick and ending in a thin tip with the most curviest shape a mascara could have. Usually these types of wands I steer clear off but I thought maybe this one would surprise me.  It's a shame to say but I'm less
than impressed with this mascara. I found this made me look as if I had hardly any eyelashes to start off with and with the awkward shape wand it was hard to get to the inner corner lashes. The wand was so thick that it smudged under my eye. The panda look isn't one I tend to go for. If you like these kind of brushes this is on sale at Boots for £4.99 usually £7.49.

Before. (Excuse the eyebrows!)
              After. (Again, excuse the eyebrows!)

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