Friday, 30 May 2014

Top 10 Make Up Brushes

Personally I think good quality make up brushes is what gives the perfect make up application. You can have the most expensive make up but without the right tools it wont look as good as it should do. I have more brushes than I'd like to admit but it is worth it. I've selected just 10 of my all time favourite brushes, which was really hard to do, I kept putting some back and selecting others but I think I've done it now. 

1. Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki - This has been the brush I've been reaching for the most for applying my foundation. I find this brush gives me a smooth and always full coverage application, It's really soft yet really dense which makes it feel quite different to other brushes when buffing foundation into the skin. I know that Ameilia Liana is a big fan too!

2. Bobbi Brown Conceal & Set - I got this brush as a free gift after spending a certain amount on the Bobbi Brown website, usually I find free gifts a bit shabby but oh my this really isn't! I use this to apply my Bobbi Brown Corrector and I find this warms the product up before it's even on my face. When this is washed it looks brand new all over again. This brush has made me really want to try out some other Bobbi Brown brushes.

3. Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face Brush - When buying this brush set I was taking a chance because I had heso many bad reviews about it. I don't tend to use the other brushes that came in the set but this one has become a HG brush especially when it comes to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. This brush puts on the right amount of powder onto my face so no more cakeyness for me. I would definitely buy the set again just for this one brush.

4. Mac 217 - The mother of all brushes, there are no words. You've probably heard about this 100 of times before. If you haven't got this brush, then why the hell not?!

5. Crown BK13 Blending Fluff - I still cant get over how cheap this brush is, £2.69, YES, £2.69. I had heard so many good things about Crown Brushes but when I saw the price I wasn't expecting much. I made a huge order and ended up loving each and every brush I had bought. The BK13 is perfect for blending out eyeshadows so there are no harsh lines.
6. Crown BK15 Oval Fluff - Another Crown brush that I love is the BK15, I like to use this to pack on eyeshadow. I find I get hardly any fallout when using this brush and it gives the eyeshadow such a smooth finish.
7. Real Techniques Contour Brush - I had been on the hunt for the perfect contour brush that fitted nicely in the hollow of my cheeks and after a few mishaps I finally found it. This brush is the perfect size so your contour is never all over the place, the hairs are really soft too and blends product naturally.

8. Nars 20 Brush -I got this travel sized version along with the Nars Cheek Palette I got a few months back, I love how this applied my blusher, smooth and flawless. I found the full sized version here for £31.

9. Real Techniques Pointed Foundation - When I bought the real techniques core collection this was the brush I was least excited about as I'm not a flat foundation brush kinda girl but I found this is perfect for under eye concealer, the shape is just perfect.
10. Benefit Hard Angle/Definer - I've recently got into doing my eyebrows and wanted a good eyebrow brush for when using powder so after browsing through the Boots website I decided to get this one. It applies powder smoothly and really helps define my brows. The hairs are stiff and tight fitted which I like so you can get a precise line when filling in any patches you may have.

So there we have it, my top 10 make up brushes. What are your top 10?

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