Monday, 23 June 2014

How Much Should You Be Using?

A few weeks ago whilst flicking through a magazine an article really took my interest it was about usages of different products, some really shocked me so I'm going to share a few with you today.

Shampoo - This one actually was shocking to me as I tend to use so much shampoo, you are only meant to use the equivalent of a 50p coin, I usually use 3 times more. Also you should only shampoo the roots of your hair otherwise it can strip the hair of it's natural oils and leave hair dry and limp, again, I shampoo all over. 

Hair Mousse - This is something I need to remember because I cover my hair in mousse. You ready for it? A GOLF BALL SIZE. Are you shocked like I am? 

Face Wash - If your using a foaming face wash then a pea size is all that is needed other wise it will really dry the skin out. If it's a creamy face wash then double the amount because creams don't go as far as foams.

Morning Moisturiser - I was expecting to read that only a tiny bit is needed but actually, use loads! I thought using alot would make your make up have less longevity but apparently it's good for you.

Night Moisturiser - Funnily enough this is the complete opposite, don;'t use too much, I'm still trying to get my head around this one. At night I tend to leave it to sink in to my skin but you shouldn't. If you see a layer of cream on your skin, blot it off. 

Eye Cream - I never know how much eye cream to use so I usually put quite a bit on but only a rice grain size is enough. If your using an anti ageing eye cream you should half the amount, crazy huh!?

Serum - As you may know I'm a huge fan of serums, using them at night I find my skin is so smooth the next morning so I like to use about 3 pumps, way too much. Because they spread easily only a coffee bean size is enough, the equivalent to just the tip of your finger.

Body Wash - My mum goes mad at me at how much body wash I use, I can go through a bottle and a half in a week. I always use about 3 handfuls in one go when infact the size of strawberry can do the whole body. 

Todays post was a little different to my normal posts but I'm trying to branch out of my comfort zone, I hope you enjoyed. 

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