Monday, 9 June 2014

Top 5 Spring/Summer Blushers

I think blushers are amazing, they can turn a dull tired make up look into a glowing awakened look in seconds. A few weeks ago I was ill and no matter how much make up I put on I still looked ill until I applied my blush. I am now obsessed. This resulted in me digging through my collection to find which blushers I actually owned. I've now got a few favourites so I thought I'd share them with you.

Nars Orgasm - It seems as if everyone owns this shade. After seeing this raved about time and time again I really wanted it it, luckily for me it was then being sold in a limited edition palette that I just had to pick up! Nars Orgasm is a gorgeous peachy pink with shimmer. There isn't too much shimmer so a highlighter can still be worn with it. 

Nars Angelika - I don't think I've actually seen such a gorgeous colour before, just look at it! This does look a bit much in the pan but on the cheeks it is incredible. Nars Angelika is a blue toned dolly pink with silver shimmer. This acts as a highlighter also and looks gorgeous with a sutile contour. I love this colour so much that I'm eager to get the lipgloss in Angelika too. 

theBalm Frat Boy - Another one that is loved by many and it's so easy to see why. Because this has a mix of both pink and peach this will suit every skin tone. The texture is so buttery and blends like a dream. This is matte so a highlighter can be used.

Sleek Pixie Pink - The oh so famous Sleek blushers. These are so good for the price and I think everyone should have a few. The Sleek blushers are highly pigmented so a tiny bit is all that is needed otherwise you will end up looking like a clown. I have a couple of these but my favourite is this gorgeous bright baby pink shade that really perks the face up.

Dior Rosy Glow - I had wanted this for the longest time but because of the science behind it (it adapts to everyones skin tone differently) I held off because I didn't know what colour it would turn out to be. After swatching it in store I was happy with the out come and fell in love! It's such a lovely shade but I do suggest you swatch it first.

What are your favourite spring summer blushers?

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