Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Let's Talk Brows

I've only just recently started filling in my brows, luckily I have quite full brows and didn't seem to think I needed to until I did and saw the difference. Since filling my brows in I've become addicted to eyebrow products and wont leave the house until they are complete. I'll be sharing some tips I've found along the way and also my favourite products to use. 

Tweezers - I get my eyebrows threaded each month but by week 3 some stray hairs are visible and need getting rid of. I've tried quite a few pairs of tweezers in my life time yet the cheapest ones have become my favourites! These are from Primark and only cost £1! I love how you get normal slanted ones and also a pointed pair too.  I use the slanted pair for hairs that are easier to get hold of and the others for the hairs that are still fairly short and are a struggle to remove.

Scissors - I am naturally hairy and my eyebrows grow very quickly. They lengthen and go in al different directions so a trim is highly needed. I just use a spooly to brush the brow hairs up and any hairs that are still vertical get trimmed.  

Brow Pencils - I've tried a few different brow pencils, the first being the Sleek Brow Stylist the only thing I liked about it was that it had a spooly on the end. I found the texture too waxy and the shade choice is poor. The darkest shade was still too light and had too much red tones in it. I then bought the Soap And Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil, which again wasn't dark enough. I then decided to just get the cult favourite Anastasia Brow Wiz which is honestly the best £15.50 spent. The tip is so thin so eyebrows look like real hair strands and looks very natural. The texture is perfect too, not too waxy yet not too chalky. Another favourite is the MAC brow pencil but because it doesn't have a spooly on the end I don't really use it when in a rush.

Powder Products - I tried powder and it wasn't for me. I found it too hard to mimic hair strands although the shade "faint" from the Urban Decay palette was perfect. 

Setting Gels - The first gel I bought was the Maybelline Brow Drama and although the shade "dark" was great I found a few hours later that I had white crispy eyebrows, how attractive?! When the Benefit Gimme Brow was released I couldn't wait to try it out. I'm more of an online shopper but I needed it then! Gimme Brow is amazing, so crispyness and it really does fill your eyebrows in and makes them look fuller. 

Highlighting - Alot of people use a lighter concealer around their brows to make them look sharp and perfect. Unfortunately being a pale girl I cant seem to find a concealer light enough for the job so instead I use Benefit High Brow. High brow is a matte creamy pencil that is virtually white but is perfect to outline your eyebrows. 

Tools - I only use 2 tools for my eyebrows, the first being the Benefit Hard Angled Definer Brush, I love to blend out the front of my eyebrow after product is applied, it makes everything look alot more natural. I also use the double ended brush that came with my Naked 3 Palette to apply and blend the Benefit High Brow.

What are your favourite products for your brows?

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