Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Disappointing Products #1

We always talk about amazing products and things we love in the blogging world but what about those products that didn't live up to our expectations? It's fair to say that I've come across a few and I'm sure others have too. 

First up is the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser, I had seen this months before it was released in the UK and was dead excited about it, being described as a Benefit Porefessional dupe who wouldn't be?! I waited for what seemed forever and once it was available to buy I couldn't wait to get to Superdrug. As you may know when you get a new product you cant wait to try it out and that's exactly how it was for me only to left rather shocked. The first thing I noticed was the texture, a thick greasy gel that felt horrible and heavy on the skin so after one use I threw it at the back of my drawer. A few days past and bam there they were, big red painful spots. A few months later I decided to give it another go but the spots started to appear again. It's clear to say I'll never use this again which is shame because I was so excited about it. 

Next is cult favourite Rimmel Stay Matte, shock horror, I know. After seeing Tanya Burr rave about it I thought it had to be amazing, oh how wrong was I. I have oily skin yet this made my skin look so dry and cakey and after a few hour of wearing it the oil had reappeared, Trying to touch up during the day with Rimmel Stay Matte is a massive no for me it just made my foundation separate and look ten times worse. I've always tried going back and tried loving it but it's never worked.

If any of you watch Lauren Curtis on Youtube then your'd know how much she loves the Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara she has raved about it for years but Jordana isn't a brand you can get in the UK. A few weeks ago I was searching a few things on Amazon when it popped up so I quickly bought one to try out. I honestly think it was the worse mascara I've ever tried, yes it gave volume but there was no length or curl to my lashes at all. The next time I decided to give it a go I curled my lashes before applying but the heavy formula just seemed to weigh my lashes down.

Rimmel Brow Drama is another product I was really exciting about. When I bought this I had never done anything to my brows except get them threaded so I thought it would help get me used to filling them in. At first my eyebrows looked great until a few hours later they looked white and crispy, not attractive.

A YSL lipstick!? I know! This was my first YSL lipstick and the buzz I had buying it was amazing but not so when I tried it on when I got home. In store I swatched it on the back of my hand and it looked gorgeous, a typical me shade, baby pink but when I put it on my lips all this glitter and shimmerRouge Pur Couture, 38, it looks lovely but for some reason it looks so different on me.
just appeared from nowhere. If you Google search the shade,

The oh so famous Baby Lips, I really don't see what the hype is all about, I hate the slimy texture and the colour seems to fade and go patchy on me after a while. Some say they use it just as a balm but if anything this made my lips so sore. Not so long ago Rimmel brought out a similar product, Keep Calm Balms, I'll be honest I was hoping they'd be like the Baby Lips but better but sadly they wasn't. The colour pay off was poor and it has the same texture. 

What products have disappointed you?

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